Why Does The Associated Press Share Same Building With Hamas Intelligence?

Questions are beginning to fly in regarding The associated press and Hamas Intelligence headquarters sharing the same building in Gaza.

Recall that on 14th of May, 2021, Israel brought down a 13 storey office building which houses media organizations such as Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press.

People (Especially Americans) are beginning to question The Associated Press’s decision of situating its Gaza Head office in the same building which Hamas Intelligence, a united states-designated terrorist group uses as its office and for storing its ammunitions.


Why did the Associated Press have its Gaza office in the same building as the Hamas intelligence headquarters?


Why was the AP even WORKING w Hamas??

It now seem People are beginning to get answers to these questions when In a recent picture making rounds on the internet, An AP Pressman was seen wearing HAMAS’s headband before a live reporting in Gaza.

AP reporter wearing Hamas Headband before a live reporting in Gaza Image


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