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This  is one question that has been on the lips of many nigerians and those outside military barracks since the Army Chief died in a military air crash in Kaduna  at the weekend.

Ten other military crew died with him in the accident blamed on harsh weather.

A  senior military officer  has suggested that the next COAS must not be below the Regular Course 35, to which the late Attahiru is related.

Attahiru was a Major-General for five months. However, there are two Majors- General in the Army, who belong to Regular Courses 36 and 37.

Although the top military source admitted that the President decides to appoint a  COAS, he warned that any appointee below those in the Regular Course 35, could disturb the Army.

The officer, who did not want his name in track, added that any wrong verdict that could lead to the exit of officers of the Regular Course 35 at this crucial point, would be counter-productive.

He said in a statement: “Mr. President should exercise military constraint in this matter and not allow emotions to decide his actions because the Nigerian Army is on the rim currently.

“Remember that the late COAS was elected about five months ago and the Army is still in the cycle of coming to terms with the executive and other changes that came with his assignment when this sad incident of his death came.

“If the President goes ahead to elect the new COAS from an officer below Course 35, the impact will not be to the advantage of the Army and the on-going counter-insurgency war.

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