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Unregistered automobiles in Osun will be seized by police

osun Police Command announced on Thursday that it will begin to impounded unregistered automobiles that were using the state’s roads, claiming that doing so violated the Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

SP The Command’s spokeswoman, Yemisi Opalola, advised owners of unregistered vehicles to swiftly register them or face the full force of the law in a statement.

The rate at which some vehicle owners, particularly motor dealers and other people, drive their cars about without registered license plates, cover their license plates, or use unregistered customized numbers on their cars has shocked the command.

“It is important to let the general public know that these actions are prohibited because they obviously violate Section 4 of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

People in the public are now advised to strictly abide by the terms of the Road Traffic Act and other applicable laws, as anyone discovered breaking any of them would be subject to the full force of the law.

Accordingly, “The Command advised all owners of unregistered motor vehicles, tricycles, and motorcycles to promptly get them registered in accordance with the terms of the Road Traffic Acts.

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