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‘Tinubu is a bad product’- Ex-Gov, Jang

Jonah Jang, a former governor of Plateau State, has refuted assertions made by the All Progressives Congress (APC) that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate for the 2023 election, is being backed by all five of the party’s disgruntled governors, collectively known as the G-5.

In a statement released by his media advisor Clinton Garuba on Sunday, Jang claimed that Tinubu was a flawed product that the APC was attempting to market through Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong, who serves as the APC Presidential Campaign Council (APC-PCC), by using the PDP schism as leverage.

Even if Atiku Abubakar, the party’s presidential candidate, had problems with the selection process, according to Jang, the G-5 governors had no intention of endorsing Tinubu.

Jang claimed that Nigerians and even Plateau residents no longer take Governor Simon Bako Lalong seriously because “anything outside his written speeches are not only disjointed but also profane babbling that makes no semantic sense.” The statement was titled “Governor Simon Bako Lalong Delusional Outing at Wase; Setting the Record Straight.”

The statement claimed that Lalong’s belief that the G-5 PDP governors and allies, including former Governor Jang, support the APC presidential candidate is an apparent indication that he is daydreaming.

The G-5 governors have stated time and time again that they do not personally disagree with the PDP nominee, but rather with the method used to select him and the structural imbalance that resulted.

“Yes, the Integrity Group disagrees with the PDP, but their decision to stop funding the PDP’s presidential candidate’s campaign in no way implies that they are endorsing the APC candidate.

Only Lalong and his fellow dreamers believe this, and they would do anything to deceive the public in order to gain support for a subpar product they are trying so frantically to sell.”

The statement, which also attacked Lalong for his alleged performance in Plateau, claimed that the governor is misleading the APC and Tinubu by claiming that he will win the state for the group in the elections of 2023.

“Having lost all of the goodwill of 2015 and putting Nigeria, including Plateau State, through trying circumstances, the party’s only option is to inflame emotions like it did up 2015.

However, they were unaware that Nigerians had seen them for who they really were and would soon express their opinions through voting.

“Taking the governor seriously on his promise to deliver APC in all elections is like believing that the naira will be parallel to the dollar as promised or that electricity would be stable. What one can say at this point is believe the APC at your peril,” the statement noted.”


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