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The World Celebrates Zofia Stryjeńska’s Birthday.

Today the 13th of May, 2021 is the birthday of Zofia Stryjeńska.

Zofia Stryjeńska was born on 13 May 1891, and died on 28 February, 1976.

She was a renowned polis painter, graphic designer, illustrator, stage designer, a representative of art deco. she was nominated for the prestigious Golden Laurel of the Polish Academy of Literature in the 1930s but declined the offer.

Zofia Stryjeńska’s life is one that teaches us numerous lessons. Her life is one that teaches us that we can really become whatsoever we desire to become irrespective of our gender, background or race.

Zofia Stryjeńska had it on record that she even had to use her brother’s name and also dressed as a boy just so that she could get admitted into the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Such zeal for greatness.

The lessons from this icon of Arts are numerous.

Do you know any other thing about her that I have omitted in this post, please drop them in the comment box below.

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