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Although it seems zoom might be a thing of the past but the pandemic was an eye-opener that people can work conveniently from home and produce a perfect result.

Nevertheless, we cannot talk about how effective this individual has used video calls. Below is the highlight of the dos and don’ts of video calls.

When making a video call the focus is not you. So don’t look at yourself instead pay attention to the focus of the meeting.

Another thing is to get your tech right by planning to make the right impression, investing in video conferences such as Lume cube, your camera C922, and professional-grade microphone Blue yeti.

Don’t walk around while making calls, it shows how committed you are to it. It is advisable to find a comfortable location and if there will be a need to walk around turn off your camera.

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Just as you ensure to express yourself on calls, you should always be over. Expressive on video calls and during calls don’t turn off your video.

Another one is to make sure you make use of the props and don’t sit with a window behind you to avoid the reflection of light which will give the shadow of you.

Use professional background and take advantage of the platform by making use of all the features.

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