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Beautiful Scene As Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Spotted at A Showroom In NYC

T he Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in a showroom in New York, ahead of Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL on 08/05/2021.

The Cybertruck was first seen in the showroom by  Steven Brennan, who wasted no time to take multiple pictures of the all-electric truck from Tesla.

Recall that the Cybertruck was first unveiled in November 2019, and it has made countless public appearances ever since.

Elon Musk has been in New York City since past Monday and will be gracing the much-anticipated Saturday Night Live.

The cybertruck is one of the most heavily contested designs in the history of automotive, it is composed of a stainless steel “exoskeleton,” along with bulletproof glass and several other highly durable features that make it one of the most robust and strong vehicles currently available to the general public for purchase.

Although the Cybertruck has been under slight revisions, Musk and other Tesla engineers have never failed to update the world about it. The most recent is the modification update recently shared on Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

The size of the Cybertruck is a major concern for potential buyers who feared that the vehicle wouldn’t fit into a residential garage or parking space. This concern has also been addressed by the Tesla company. This was shared on a podcast by Musk himself.

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