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Sina Rambo, a cousin of Davido, and his wife allegedly got into a fight.

Adesina Adeleke, also known as Sina Rambo, and his wife Korth’s marriage to musician Davido has ended after she accused her estranged husband of violence.

On Monday, Korth accused Sina Rambo and his sister of assault on Instagram, sharing videos, conversation logs, and images to back up her claims.

She stated that the divorce was the result of her refusal to give in to abuse.

In addition, Korth called her husband, Ademola Adeleke, the son of the governor of the Osun State, out for debt as she demanded payment for the money he owed her.

Korth shared a receipt for the cash she had provided to him and added, “Later people will say Adeleke is my only success. Pay me the money you owe me, Sina, from both Nigeria and America. Beg, beg. How many individuals must you argue with regarding bills? Or till they jack you for your neck once more as if it just occurred.

Korth claimed that Sina’s sister injured her and left a mark on her hand.

She claimed in several posts, “After having a caesarian section and him hurrying me out of the hospital because he couldn’t obtain any cannabis. After my CS, I had a COVID of 19 during labor.

“This ngg ain’t help with no housework when I got out of the hospital! You requested that I prepare rice for you three days after your cesarean (section). Not even tea can you prepare yourself! SMH!

“I became a babysitter while I was pregnant! Due to the fact that he can’t even clean up after himself, I was bending over and cleaning the house when nine months pregnant. But I be mumu, I’m just venting now.

For those of you who have advised me to keep this private, the marriage is finished, which is why I am finally speaking it. No, I won’t give in to mistreatment. It’s enough that I’m not that girl.

In May 2022, Sina and his wife welcomed Lola into the world.


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