October 4, 2023
  • October 4, 2023

Security Agencies Are Urged To Crack Down On Oil Marketers Responsible For Fuel Scarcity

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The House of Representatives ordered the appropriate security services on Wednesday to find oil marketers and other economic saboteurs who may be to blame for the nationwide fuel shortage.

The House also requested the NNPC Limited, as the sole importer, to reduce these lines at gas stations immediately.

The House passed the resolutions in response to the Hon. Leke Abajide-sponsored motion of urgent public significance on the “Need For The NNPC Limited And Other Regulators In The Petroleum Industry To End The Fuel Scarcity Across The Country” (Standing Order 8 Rule 4). (APC, Kogi).

Rep. Abajide, who moved the motion, pointed out that the only importer of premium motor spirit, often known as gasoline, in the nation is NNPC Limited.

He claimed that the National Assembly had approved the funding for the petroleum product subsidies in order to prepare for unforeseen events like product shortages.

The House remembered that there has been a persistent shortage of PMS for over three months in several areas of the nation, and the situation appeared to be becoming worse.

“Aware that there are variations in pump prices being offered by gas stations around the nation, which feeds rumors that the government may be starting to eliminate subsidies on gasoline.

Also know that there is a claim that private depots have cut off their supply of gasoline to marketers, which is putting the nation in a perilous frame of mind.

The House is upset that the imposition of a N16.00 per liter fee could make the country’s present fuel crisis worse in the coming days.

Abajide continued by explaining that the increase in liter charges, which were formerly paid in Naira but are now levied in US Dollars, may be another reason contributing to the product’s scarcity and is unrelated to the higher cost of hiring daughter vessels.

The House is concerned that the scarcity is linked to deliberate system manipulation by saboteurs among some of the main stakeholders.

“Concerned that because of the shortage, Nigerians are subjected to all kinds of hardships, which has led to an increase in transportation costs and a rise in the price of some key food items.

The House stated in adopting the motion that Nigerians are having difficulty with their daily livelihood activities due to the shortage of petrol.

The House ordered the pertinent House Committees to investigate the situation and report back to the House within 48 hours.

As they invited the relevant regulatory body to testify before the House of Representatives leadership on Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 2 p.m.

The “ayes” won the motion when it was placed to a vote by the session’s Deputy Speaker, Idris Wase.

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