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Protests against the Naira and Fuel shortages erupts in Ondo.

Despite the warning by the police, Some people are currently conducting a rally to air their frustrations in Ondo state.

The demonstrators, who have already shut down the congested Ore/Benin motorway, have also stopped people and vehicles from traveling along the routes.

The frustrated locals blocked the main Ore/Benin freeway, resulting in hours of severe traffic and forcing many travelers to seek out alternate routes.

Abiola Ige, one of the stranded commuters, disclosed that the angry demonstrators had blocked the roadways.

“I’m stuck right now. Every major road has been closed. As they sing songs of togetherness, the throng (protesters) are simply too numerous on the street, “some of them block the main road with tires while holding sticks. Their only complaint is the lack of petrol and the naira in the nation.”

The police in Ondo ordered locals not to demonstrate in the streets to protest the continuing fuel and money shortage less than 24 hours before the protest began.

Ondo’s police commissioner, Oyeyemi Oyediran, issued a warning against the state’s peace being broken on Monday.

According to a statement from the Ondo police command, “considering the current security condition of the state (Ondo), for it not to be hijacked by hoodlums or used as a means to commit other horrific crimes in the state.”

The statement said, “Following the debate, it was advised that an active taskforce be established to monitor the operations of the pertinent bodies and ensure the issues raised are addressed.


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