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Pope Francis is undergoing treatment for a respiratory infection

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis has a respiratory illness and will require “a few days” of hospitalization in Rome.

Despite not having Covid, the statement said that the pope had respiratory issues recently.

He’ll require “a few days of necessary hospital medical therapy.”

Pope Francis is moved by the numerous messages he has received and thanks everyone for their prayers and friendship, the statement continued.

According to someone with direct knowledge who spoke to the BBC earlier, his closest team members—including security—were anticipated to spend the night at the Gemelli Hospital.

With numerous activities planned in advance of the Easter holiday, Pope Francis, 86, is currently busiest during this time of the year.

This weekend there will be a Palm Sunday Mass, and the following week is Holy Week and Easter.

At the end of April, he will also travel to Hungary.

He presided over his weekly general assembly on Wednesday morning in St. Peter’s Square.

Despite appearing to be in high spirits, he was seen grimacing as he was helped into his car.

The pontiff has needed to use a wheelchair recently due to mobility issues linked to his knee.

In Rome, at the same facility, he also had surgery in 2021 to address a colon issue. In January, he claimed that the disease had come back.

The Pope has traveled this year despite his ailments, staying busy and traveling. In February, he traveled to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope in centuries to resign willingly, and the Pope presided over his funeral in January. He claimed that his poor health was to blame.

In the event that his health deteriorated, Pope Francis has previously said that he might also want to follow in Benedict’s path.


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