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Petty traders reject transfers after getting scammed with fake alerts

On Monday, Kaduna still had a shortage of fresh notes because food vendors would not accept cash payments.

Sellers of yams, onions, crabs, peppers, tomatoes, and Maggi refused to accept cash payments on the grounds that it would end up in the wrong hands.

A trader who sells pepper at the Monday market, Musa Banawa, claimed that although he accepted a transfer of N5,000 last week, he was never given credit for the transaction.

“A young man alighted from a beautiful car on Saturday, walked to my shop and said he wanted to buy pepper and make a transfer. He did the said transaction before me but up till today when I checked my account balance, it still read zero balance,” Banawa narrated,

Bean seller at Kaduna Central Market also lamented,

Since money is so hard to come by, Kaduna Central Market trader Justina Dauda claims she accepted a transfer in the hopes that money would reach her account, but it turned out to be a false alert.

One street vendor of tomatoes on the Airforce Road in Kaduna cursed a woman who approached her on Sunday night and asked for a bag of beans.

According to her, “the woman came begging saying she wanted 10 mudus of beans and that because of a lack of money, she would transfer to my account, which I obliged. But nothing has been deposited into my account.

She decided never to accept cash transfers for her petty business.

Even though there are lengthy lines at all of the state’s ATMs and banks, the banks claimed that they wouldn’t pay until they received a supply of fresh notes from the Central Bank of Nigeria.


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