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Pastor Moses Tells Youth – ‘Shun Money Rituals For Hard Work

A clergyman, Pastor Moses Olugbenga, has decried the incidence of money ritual-killings in the country, advising youths to stop the dubious idea and in lieu embrace hard work in their quest for survival.

In an interview with the Newsmen in Ilorin on Wednesday, the cleric said that the youths were not ready to work hard and wait patiently for their time, rather they always considered money rituals as the best option to get rich.

He went further emphasizing the sanctity of hard work, which though might not yield sudden wealth, but unlike fetish course, would at least guarantee peace of mind and forestall sudden untimely deaths.

“Money ritual is ungodly and evil; stop being desperate to get rich through money rituals.

“Wait patiently for God’s time, as God’s time is the best. God’s money will not take anything away from you, but will rather give you the rest of mind.

“Enough of going to herbalists, fake pastors, and fake imams just to make quick money.
Doing rituals to make money will cut your life short.

“Stop being desperate for blood money; remain focused and stop competing with friends or family members,” he admonished.

Olugbenga explained that some parents, knowingly or unknowingly, often lured their children and wards into the precarious venture of money rituals, especially when they fondly compared them to well-to-do friends, colleagues, and neighbours around.

While discountenancing as “fake” and mischievous, most social media posts canvassing patronage for money rituals, the cleric also adjured parents to eschew such insensitive comparisons, but rather should goad their wards into working hard and being prayerful.

“Most of what you see on social media is not real. Most social media posts are faked. All the big cars, big mansions being posted on Facebook and Instagram by your friends on social media are only to oppress you.

“Stop taking them seriously. They will push you beyond your limit if you continue to give them attention.”


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