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Pamela Anderson, an actress, says she had continuous sex with her ex Tommy Lee and had a “frisky” night with Julian Assange.

According to Pamela Anderson, she had ‘frisky’ nights with Julian Assange and indulged in nonstop sex with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

The 55-year-old actress has written a shocking autobiography in which she discusses her tumultuous life in the spotlight and reveals that dancing with an 80-year-old was her steamiest experience.

The most “sensual experience she’d ever had,” according to Pamela in the book, was dancing the tango with the elderly man in a firm but compassionate manner.

She continued, “The feeling of being led by a true man was something she’d never felt,” and the meeting happened while she was in her 20s traveling to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Pamela wrote, “I’ve never forgotten it; it transformed me.”

Pamela has penned a candid new memoir titled Love, Pamela, which was released on Tuesday, with the star insisting she wrote every word herself, instead of enlisting the help of a ghostwriter.

She also described in the book how the horrifying sexual assault she endured as a child affected her view of relationships as an adult. She reveals that after being abused, she was persuaded to believe that in order to have sex with someone, she had to be in love with them, which caused her to hurry into marriages.

In 1995, Pamela married Motley Crew rocker Tommy four days after their initial encounter. They later had two boys before getting divorced in 1998.

After divorcing Kid Rock four months after their marriage, she married Rick Salamon again, in 2007 and 2014.

She married producer Jon Peters in 2020, but their union only lasted a few days. In December of the same year, she wed Dan Hayhurst, but their marriage only lasted a year.

Pamela acknowledged that her first marriage to Tommy was the first time she had ever been truly in love and that, following their wedding, they often spent hours in bed together.

Pamela and Tommy made love even when she was in the hospital for a burst ovarian cyst and hooked up to a drip.

An infamous sex film of herself and Tommy that was posted online in 1995 severely strained the couple’s marriage.

The biography also exposed some of the unpleasant aspects of her marriage to Tommy, such as his alleged domestic violence and his jealous rages.

According to The Guardian, she recounts one instance in her biography where her husband became abusive after she had to shoot a sexually explicit sequence with her Baywatch co-star David Chokachi.

Tommy felt very envious. That is what I believed love to be. She admitted, “I had to kiss David Chokachi, but I didn’t tell Tommy. “He snapped.” On the set, he destroyed my trailer and punched a cabinet.

I apologized for not notifying him, she continued. as he phrased it, lying? and assured him it wouldn’t take place once more.

After three years of marriage, Pamela and Tommy’s union gradually fell apart.

The drummer apparently ran into a cosmetics trailer on stage in another embarrassing incident.

She claimed Tommy, with whom she has two boys, Dylan, 25, and Brandon, 26, would visit almost daily to spend time with his wife.

Pamela writes extensively in her book on her friendship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently defying extradition to the US in Belmarsh prison.

Pamela frequently visited Julian when he was seeking asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy for seven years, and she elaborates on one specific evening they spent together.

Sharing a bottle of the Mexican spirit mezcal at the embassy, she wrote they had ‘a slightly frisky, fun, alcohol-induced night together,’ without sharing any further details.


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