Naftali Bennett First News: New PM Orders First Airstrike Targeting Hamas Terrorists.

Naftali Bennett First News.

Naftali Bennett has given his first order a few days after resuming office, an order that is already making rounds online, an order that has become the Naftali Bennett first news.

Shortly after taking over from Benjamin Netanyahu, whom many in Israel and around the world sees as tough and equal to the task, Naftali Bennet ordered the first airstrike targeting Hamas facilities in Gaza.

Bennet’s airstrike order was necessary as it was a strong signal to the terrorists in Palestine over their recent burning of farms due for harvest and belonging to Israelis in southern Israel. These farmlands burning by Hamas are carried out by attaching inflammable/explosives to a collection of balloons, float, and detonate them into farms belonging to Israelis at the southern border.

Hamas recent provocation jpg
Hamas recent provocation jpg

Recall that Egypt had earlier brokered peace and cease-fire between Israel and Hamas a few weeks ago after 11 days of intense fighting with Hamas firing more than 4000 rockets into Israel.

This latest provocation is a total derailment from the cease-fire agreement Hamas reached with Israel. Additionally, many people are beginning to interpret this to mean testing the courage and might of Naftali Bennet.

naftali bennett first news jpg

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