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Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has expressed confidence that the ruling Party APC will sweep the 2023 general elections…….

The former governor of Lagos State made the announcement while appearing as a guest on Channels TV’s ‘Politics Today’ on Monday night.

Fashola’s optimism is coming barely 19 days before the presidential election. “We are a few days away from the election now, less than three weeks,” Fashola said. We’re gaining ground. This election will be won by the APC. We are not witnessing a coronation. We understand it’s a competition, but the opposition is clearly in the lead. Let me explain why.

According to him, elections are a game of numbers that members of the ruling APC are very familiar with.

Fashola stated, “We are a few days from the election now, less than three weeks. We have momentum. The APC will win this election. We are not looking at a coronation. We know it’s a competition, but the opposition is clearly behind.

Let me explain why. “As we all know, elections are a game of numbers. Isn’t that right? But, in those numbers, one of the opposition’s most serious problems has been divided. In 2019, the Labour Party, NNPP, and PDP were the main opposition. The sum of their votes fell about three million votes short of the total number of votes required to win the election.

“If you were not enough when you were together, how can you be enough when you are broken into three? Are you bringing in more people from outside of Nigeria? It’s not going to work. It’s as simple as that. People have made their decisions. I am pleased that many more people, particularly in the mid-cadre, have expressed an interest in the elections.

“We have done 5,000 sample pools, and APC is clearly ahead. But I’m not going to tell you the percentage difference. The proportion of undecided voters has dropped below 5%. “We are approaching the point where campaigns will begin to lose steam.”

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