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Labour Party accuses APC with engaging in religious and ethnic politics

The All Progressives Council (APC) has been charged with conducting a religious organization under the guise of a political party, according to the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council.

The campaign council’s spokesperson, Kenneth Okonkwo, made the accusation while speaking during a Twitter space on Monday, January 30.

Okonkwo criticized the Muslim-Muslim APC presidential ticket, saying any party that does not respect the nation’s diversity will lead to unrest.

He emphasized that by supporting Peter Obi for president, the Labour Party is attempting to prevent war in Nigeria.

“Any party that doesn’t acknowledge our diversity will cause unrest. Have you not heard certain clerics declare their intention to engage in Jihad in support of the Muslim-Muslim ticket? War is that.
And that is what we were attempting to prevent when we stated that bringing the same fate ticket to Nigeria with what we already know will not assist us. A lot of Muslims are against it.

“Can you image having a Muslim Senate President at a party. Muslim speaker of the house of representatives. Muslim deputy speaker of the house. Muslim presidential, vice presidential, and even national party chairman candidates. at a time when the Chief Justice of the Federation is Muslim. What sort of party is that, then?

Even our Constitution forbids it. It violates the Constitution’s Article IV, Section 14, Subsection 34. It violates the Constitution’s Section 15, Subsections 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as Subsection 4. You cannot hold a party while making it look to be a religious or cultural gathering.

When discussing the organizational structure of the Labour Party, Okonkwo emphasized further that Obi would hold the South-East and South-South, and that he would share the South-West with Tinubu of the APC.

Due to the Muslim-Muslim ticket, 90% of Nigerian Christians, in his opinion, will support Obi.

“Whether you like it or not, 90% of Christians in Nigeria practice Obi. And the explanation behind this is that they oppose a Muslim-Muslim ticket. It’s not about religion, I’m telling you; those Christians would have still voted against the Christian-Christian ticket. Another fact is that our country is split.

He emphasized how robust and firm Obi’s organization is and that it has been in place since 2019.

Okonkwo continued, implying that Obi is the third force that Nigerians are waiting for, saying that the movement began before Obi joined the Labour Party. Nigerians have all agreed that the country’s major political parties have failed since 2019. They had lost faith in the major political parties and desired a third force, but who would serve as its representative?


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