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Jandor slams Sanwo-Olu for avoiding the Platform debate

Olajide Adeniran, also known as Jandor, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for governor in Lagos, has criticized Babajide Sanwo-Olu for skipping the Platform debate.

Sanwo-Olu had been invited to the debate for the state’s governorship candidates, but he withdrew due to alleged political violence by the PDP candidate’s supporters.

On January 31, Jandor stated on Arise TV that Sanwo-Olu avoided the discussion due to the shortcomings and failings of his administration.

“If the governor of Lagos State, who is tasked with overseeing the state’s security, declares that he is not safe, then it speaks volumes about what Lagos residents might anticipate. He claims that the state is unsafe, but it does not excuse his absence, according to Jandor.

He asserted that Sanwo-Olu is unable to account for the money made in the state since he took office.

Sanwo-Olu made the decision to skip the meeting since he has accomplished nothing during his four years in government. He was forced to withdraw.

“He would come and explain how despite having a 2022 budget of N1.758 trillion and a performance of 77.9% in the second quarter of that year, we continue to have a poverty rate that increased from 4.5% in 2019 when he assumed office to 8.5% now. When he assumed office, the unemployment rate was still 14.6%; today, it is 37.1%.

Sanwo-Olu was charged by the PDP candidate with encouraging violence and instability during elections in the state.

He is the state’s chief security officer, so why is he telling us that we are not safe and that he is unable to protect even himself, let alone all of us? Attacks are occurring at an alarming rate, so we must take action. It was an assault on Lagos residents, with whom we are collaborating.

Because they have nothing to campaign with, they are attempting to scare us off the road.

“They have given instructions to their boys that anywhere they see a PDP billboard they should remove it and in case of posters they should post on it,” Jandor further alleged.

Jandor added, “Funke Akindele (PDP deputy governorship candidate) went to the market to campaign and she was chased out of the market. This is another evidence of political violence on the part of the APC administration leading up to the election. I had to call her to leave even though I wasn’t there.

I traveled to Oworo, where they had set up a roadblock to prevent us from entering, and I informed the police commissioner that I would leave my car there and walk down, which I did.


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