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Igbo Group Supports Peter Obi for President in 2023

For the general election of 2023, Peter Obi and Dr. Datti Baba-Ahmed of the Labour Party (LP) have received the support of Igboekulie, a significant Igbo cultural and sociopolitical organization.
The group claimed in a statement that Obi has the ability to lead Nigerian affairs in 2023 for the purpose of development and equity. The statement was signed by the group’s president, Benjamin Onuora, and secretary, Ben Obidegwu.

Igboekulie asserts that a country only gets the chance to have a man like Obi once in a lifetime to provide the necessary credible and strategic leadership.
The group claimed that Obi is a man who fulfills all the requirements for the office of president in Nigeria today, noting that he is exposed, well-educated, disciplined, thrifty, humble, and knowledgeable about banking and finance.

in addition to detesting an opulent lifestyle; experienced, compassionate, and charitable in Nigeria.

According to the group, a candidate has never before in the political history of Nigeria joined a dormant political party and transformed it into a national movement for the liberation of Nigerians—both at home and abroad—from oppression, famine, illiteracy, and hopelessness in a matter of months.

“While his main rivals are busy accusing one another of corruption in and outside of public service, Obi’s only mistake is that he did not steal Anambra State funds, but conserved N75 billion for the future administration,” the statement reads.

“However, he constructed roads, schools, hospitals, offered security, paid all state employees and contractors, among other things; he also left no debt for his successor. He led Anambra State to victories in the WAEC exams, the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, and the construction of roads, among other things.

While Igboekulie encourages Nigerians to support credible and capable candidates in the governorship, federal, and state assembly elections across various political parties, we think that a country only occasionally has the chance to have a man like Peter Obi of the Labour Party provide the necessary credible and strategic leadership. Let’s not blow this chance. Nigeria requires significant foreign and domestic investment to.

survive. These investments won’t happen until the incoming president earns the trust of Nigerians and foreign investors by acting honestly and transparently.

“Corruption in Nigeria cannot be reduced unless the president and his vice have no history of corruption, are blatantly honest, and set a positive example for the nation. We require a detribalized Nigerian to lead us if we are to eradicate poverty in Nigeria and give young people hope. With the lofty ideals promoted in the Labour Party and Peter Obi’s agenda, a new Nigeria is absolutely feasible.


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