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Funke Akindele is allegedly chased out of the Lagos market by political thugs.

On Tuesday, thugs attacked the well-known Ikosi fruit store in Lagos and chased away Nollywood actress and deputy governor candidate for the state’s Peoples Democratic Party, Funke Akindele.

When Akindele, also known as Jenifa, was out campaigning with her party’s team in the market in the state’s Kosofe local government area, an event occurred.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, PDP governorship candidate Abdul-Azeez Adediran, also known as Jandor, commented on the event and acknowledged that their campaign was halted as a result of it.

In addition, Jandor revealed that several people, including journalists, were hurt in addition to one security team member being stabbed during a meeting with the top Imam of Ketu Central Mosque.

He did, however, confirm that the actress got off the campaign bus while the group was still moving through the council’s streets.

PDP responds

Hakeem Amode, a PDP representative in Lagos, claimed that the local government leader sent the goons to sabotage their campaign.

Funke Akindele said: “We know it is our right to be able to talk freely, a campaign to anyone, and we know when we go to the market, Funke Akindele goes to the market to speak with the market women.”

He claimed that Abolanle Bada, the chairperson of the Ikosi LCDA, had sent goons to intimidate them.

He stated, “It is incredible that we are not permitted to speak to people freely. The local government chairperson came into the market, used her car to block, and recruited a bunch of thugs to attack us at Kosofe local government.”

“Under the new election laws, we are allowed to campaign everywhere; this is Lagos, where we ought to be able to speak with everyone without fear of intimidation or bias. That shouldn’t even occur, he continued.

APC reacts

Seye Oladejo, the All Progressive Congress (APCLagos )’s spokesperson, refuted the claims in response.

He declared, “The PDP folks are well known for their outrageous charges; if people had been attacked, I believe that is what the security agencies would be interested in; I don’t think going to the media is the solution.”

“As far as we’re concerned, we’re not in the business of violence; our party is aiming for triumph, so why should we be sidetracked by those who can’t even keep their house in order yet want to be in power?”


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