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Fuel Scarcity – Nigerians In Pains As Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder

Long queues were spotted earlier today in some parts of Lagos and Abuja, resulting in motorists hiking fare amidst gridlock occasioned by the scarcity.

Nigerians have taken to social media to express concern, frustration, and anger over fuel scarcity, which is biting harder in some parts of the country.

A popular Social Media pastor, tweeted via @Olubankoleidowu “We are finished! This fresh fuel scarcity is reminding us of what decision we should make come 2023. Nigerians be wise. God will not come down from heaven to fight your battles that was why he gave you brain”

A Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, is one among many Nigerians who have also expressed sadness over the fuel scarcity in the country.

“You just go out and on your way back, boom! Fuel scarcity.”

Aligning with Ekubo’s thoughts

Salihu tweeted via @salihusakpe “This is Nigeria where it’ll be white and the next minute it’ll turn to black”

Another Nigerian wondered why there should ever be petrol scarcity.

He tweeted via @iamangelraf: “You will hate Lagos more anytime there’s fuel scarcity.

“After data na fuel. Nigerians can hardly do without these products.”

Apparently feeling the harsh effect, A Nigerian tweeted via @tesla_tunes “They should not play rough play which one is fuel scarcity again at this time. Not this time pls”

@solaceomolaiye reacted by tweeting, “The rate of hold-ups in Abuja is becoming alarming amidst PMS Scarcity, is like we are having illegal migrants from Lagos into Abuja”

A source, who prefers anonymity, claims that the hardship Nigerians are suffering over fuel scarcity is a result of lack of petroleum product at the depots, but refused to dismiss speculations that fuel subsidy removal was connected with the current scarcity.

Frustrated, @abrahamgreat tweeted, “To be experiencing Motor spirit scarcity in one of the largest OPEC countries is one more proof that Nigeria is not designed for the citizens but for a sect of men who lack empathy, vision, and strategy to transform anything.

“There is HOPE. This country shall be BUILT.”

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