Femi Falana – ‘No Law Allows Arrest At The Dead Of The Night.’

During an interview on Channels TV, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria ‘Femi Falana’ has described the action of the security agents (DSS) as a ‘nocturnal coup,’ and no law allows arrest at the dead of the night.

He said;

“The raid, which was carried out around 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, last week is a dangerous legacy of military dictatorship in Nigeria.

“There is no law in Nigeria that allows you to arrest somebody in the dead of the night when you are not planning a coup and you are not an armed robber.

“These are very dangerous legacies of military dictatorship in our country.

“There is no provision unless a crime is being committed in the night; you cannot go there and arrest. In this case, you are required by law to bring a search warrant. In this case, there was no search warrant, nobody took an inventory.

Sunday Adeyemo has said; I don’t have any guns in my house. Yet, the DSS paraded guns and other ammunition. All the controversies would have been unnecessary if they had behaved like a modern, civilized agency,” Femi Falana said.


He also reacted to the decision of the chief security officer of their states before they carry out any operation within their domain of the Southern governors in Lagos State on Monday that security agencies must notify them.

“The decision of the governors is late. It is a decision that is coming rather late. Governors are chief security officers of their states in line with the constitution. Each state has a security council and the governor is the chairman.”

“The invasion of the home of Igboho happened in the night.

“You can’t have a situation where nocturnal arrests are made in a state as if you are planning a coup. Take Ibadan for instance, the invasion of the home of Igboho happened at the night and for all-day, everybody was wondering who did it and that seven people were killed.

“People were arrested and abducted at 2:00 a.m, the governor of the state wasn’t aware. So, everybody was trying to find out, calling security agencies, only for the State Security Service to issue a very provocative statement after almost 12 hours to say, ‘We did it, we killed two people, we raided a house.

“Somebody attempted to evade arrest and you killed two people? The governor of the state wasn’t aware?”

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