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Elections are not a business, says INEC chair

Professor Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, has criticized the use of money in elections, emphasizing that elections are not a business endeavor but rather an application to serve the public.

The electoral umpire chairman was doing this as he detailed the detrimental effects that money has on elections and campaigning.

These were said by Yakubu on Monday in Abuja during a “Stakeholders’ summit on addressing the influence of money in the 2023 general election.”

He claimed that money politics made it “very difficult” for the appropriate candidates to emerge for political positions.

The Independent National Electoral Commission’s chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, has criticized the use of money in elections, highlighting the fact that voting is not a business endeavor but rather a way to serve the public.

This happened as the chief electoral arbiter underlined the detrimental impact that money plays in elections and campaigning.

At a “Stakeholders’ summit on combating the influence of money in the 2023 general election,” which was held in Abuja on Monday, Yakubu made these remarks.

He claimed that the rise of the ideal individuals for elected positions was “very difficult” due to money politics.

He continued by saying that it, among other things, impairs impartial electoral adjudication and has a negative effect on the conduct of INEC workers.

The INEC chair stated, “It (money) weakens the professional and independent behavior of INEC personnel and other public bodies involved in elections, undermines fair electoral adjudication, and makes it extremely difficult for the proper candidates to emerge for posts.

“What’s even more concerning is the strong likelihood that illegal money could enter our elections through money laundering. As a result of a “win at all costs” mentality among candidates who would have invested a fortune in the election, the destructive use of money greatly raises the likelihood of electoral violence.

There is no doubt that elections are not a for-profit endeavor. Instead, it’s a tool designed to help the public while acknowledging that, occasionally, they would prefer another person. After four years, though, there would be a chance to reapply. Never allow the misuse of money to influence the decisions of the public.

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