Deputy Secretary-General of UN, Amina Mohammed, Urges Youths To Build Nigeria and Stop Criticism

Deputy Secretary-General of UN (United Nations), Amina Mohammed, has urged Nigerian youths to stop criticizing the West-African country, rather, they should start building the country with their God-given skills and talents.

She spoke at an event in Abuja over the weekend, according to a statement signed by the National Information Officer, UN Office, Nigeria, Oluseyi Soremekun.

The statement was titled, ‘Be proud of Nigeria, don’t condemn her.

 DSG Amina J. Mohammed tells young Nigerians;

“Don’t lose hope, you have got education, you have the tools, and you have a huge future ahead of you, and you are condemning yourself before you start on that journey.

“Do not do that! Be proud of Nigeria your country; do not condemn her and do not lose hope. If you think Nigeria is worse than better, then how are you going to turn it around.”

She asked and stated further,

“If you do not want to build this nation, I do not know where you want to go. I can assure you the world is not ready to take 240 million Nigerians. Therefore, let’s think about how to salvage it together. Do not compare apples with oranges.”

The former Nigerian minister of environment explained, “Whilst I agree that the potential of this country has not been fully met by successive governments, but I disagree with the view that there is no hope; I disagree with total condemnation of Nigeria. Nigeria is a great country and the best on earth.

“With every right comes an obligation to tell the truth. But the truth in many cases come in different colours depending on who is telling it. As an educated person, your statement has an impact on people’s lives. Some people take you seriously because you are educated and in the university.”

The Deputy Secretary-General urged them to be sure of their statement and always weigh the implications of their words as there are opportunities to collectively make things better in Nigeria.

“Young people must get involved. There is no reason to throw stones at any institution of government unless you are willing to get into that government and do something about it. It might take you a lifetime, but it does require people to make the sacrifice. If many of us are pushing in the right direction, there will be a big difference.”

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