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Delta Governor, Special Assistant, Ossai Success Ovie – Blames Parents For Prostitution, Ritual killings Among Youths

Delta State Governor, special assistant, Ossai Success Ovie, said on Social Media that parents should be blamed for youths’ involvement in prostitution and ritual killings.

He stated this in a Facebook post on Tuesday, the rising rate of ritual killings of young girls by Yahoo boys to the inability of parents to live up to their responsibilities.

He said;

“Our parents are the reasons why our young girls/boys are into Prostitution and rituals.

“Let me say the truth here if there is anyone to blame for the killing of our young girls by our young boys are our parents.

“Over the years, our parents failed to bring up our young girls and boys in the fear of the Lord. Today you see an increase in prostitution and rituals killings

“Some of you blame it on the government inability to provide jobs for the youths but you all also failed to understand that there is no way the government will provide jobs for all Nigerians

“Majority of our parents are the ones pushing our young girls and boys into prostitution and rituals

“I also do understand that there are peer pressure but you see, when you are properly trained with the fear of God, no matter the pressure, there are some things you won’t do.

“Not because there is no money but because you have the fear of God in you. How many of our parents today question their children’s source of wealth?

“How many of our parents today know where their children are living? How many of our parents today knows the kind of friends children are keeping?

“How many of our parents will reject money given to them by their children because they know the money is illegal? These are some of the questions will need to ask ourselves as parents.” 

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