Day 3 BBN Reunion: ‘You are man enough’ Tolanibaj told Prince

The reality TV star Tolanibaj said, she regretted having anything to do with Prince, that the relationship only brought her embarrassment during the reunion of the housemates.

She said:

“Well, I liked Prince at the time, he’s attractive. We had a conversation in the garden then and he said it was me he wanted. I remembered telling him that he came because Nengi had rejected him.

“I told him countless times that I don’t want to be a second option but he convinced me that he really wanted me and sincerely, I regret getting into that entanglement because it has brought nothing but embarrassment and also it made me look like being desperate.

But Prince said,

‘I really liked Tolanibaj at that time but she wanted me to do some certain things that I am not comfortable with, like; not getting close to other female housemates. I noticed we had conflicting personalities which made it difficult for us to get along.”

However, Tolanibaj said:

“Prince really, is that what you think? Maybe if you’re man enough, I wouldn’t have been doing that. You should have stepped up to be a man. So, I wanted to use Neo and make you jealous and let you how a man should be because you’re definitely not a man.”

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