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Churchill and his wife commemorate their third wedding anniversary.

Celebrating their third wedding anniversary is Gambia-born Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer and Nigerian businessman Olakunle Churchill.

On Friday, the pair celebrated their third wedding anniversary by posting stunning photos of themselves in black and white to their Instagram accounts.

The billionaire expressed his continued love for Meurer in a string of heartfelt messages on Instagram.

Because they are endless, he added, “To my wife, I could write a million things you do that make my heart flutter, but I still wouldn’t be able to write them all.”

Churchill claimed that his wife made his life “thrilling, sparkling, and continuously youthful” in a previous post.

It feels like I’m living my young days again, and this makes up for all the moments I’ve missed, he added. “Everyday, you have showed me that age has no relevance where there is true love,” he said.

In return, the actress posted a picture with a lengthy statement in which she referred to Churchill as the “King of my Heart.”

Contrary to the notion that love is blind, Meurer stated in the post that she thinks “love is all-seeing and accepting.”

Love, according to her, “is embracing the undesirable habits and characteristics and working around them.” Love is realizing everyone’s anxieties and insecurities and understanding that your job is to give comfort. Relationships endure despite not being predestined to do so.

“Relationships endure because two people decided to maintain, defend, and strive for them. I appreciate @olakunlechurchill choosing this option with me.

She also thanked her spouse for making the decision to stay despite the “struggles and bumps along the way.”

She added, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE KING OF MY HEART.” I appreciate that you recognize the significance of “LOVE.” We may have difficulties and hiccups along the way, but what matters is that we will always have one another. No matter how many arguments we have each day, our love for one another is unmatched.

Rarely do two strong people make up a strong marriage. It features a husband and wife who alternately stand up for one another. I appreciate you standing tall for me. I appreciate your love and battling beside me, lol. I appreciate you being a decent husband and father. Even if we may not have everything together, collectively we do.


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