Emotions As Benjamin Netanyahu’s Bows Out With A Brilliant Final Speech: Transcribed in English

Benjamin Netanyahu Final Speech as prime minister.

The outgoing and Energetic Prime Minister Of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his final speech as Prime Minister of Israel. A brilliant and as usual, very powerful speech was delivered in Israel’s native language of Hebrew.

So far, our translators have been able to translate the entire 34 minutes speech to English.

Let’s get into it:

Mr. Speaker, I am standing Here in the name of millions of citizens who have been outstanding and have also chosen not to bow down their heads. I am standing here as an elected public servant over millions of Israeli citizens who voted for right wing parties knowing they would be part of the government headed by me.

I want to continue performing in the nation of my life, guaranteeing the existence, security, and prosperity of the state of Israel. I have undertaken this mission in a boundless commitment to the state of Israel from my entire life as a fighter and commander In wars, I impact on many mission beyond the enemy lines.

In the line of fire and the Suez canal, I nearly lost my life. In another battle, I was wounded during the hostilities to release the hostages from Sabena Flight.

In every public role, as Israeli representative in Washington, at the Un as foreign minister, as the Finance minister, as defence minister, and also as the prime minister of Israel for more than15 years, I have had the privilege of operating night and day… Simple as that…Night and day for our beloved country.

Together with my friends from the Likud and my partners on the right, we have turned Israel into a global power and many respects, a real power, we’ve done it not by surrendering to international pressure, not out of weakness, we did this out of power by nurturing our power and technological and diplomatic power, and this combined power has brought tremendous achievements for Israel that we have never had before.

Some other persons would say we were obsessive.

We could do all of these because we had the statue.

We were the first country in the world to get out of Corona from very many other coutries.

We turned Israel into a free economy, soo many reforms. We turned Israel into one of the 20 wealthiest economies in the world with our GDP per capita surpassing Britain, Germany and France. We have reduced inequality because the inequality metric reported to its ever lowest rate.

Before all these, we fought with determination the wrong attempts to acquire nuclear weapon (Even we had to stand alone, completely alone). Against many in Israel, this determination contributed to the previous American administration’s decision to leave the dangerous nuclear deal, and it also swayed many western countries to see us as the regional shield against Iranian aggression.

Going further, Benjamin Netanyahu says:

With four of these states (Arab states), the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, we forged a historic peace agreement; the Abraham accord.

We changed the dangerous doctrine of the land for peace, and brought peace for peace, real peace, economic peace without uprooting a single Jew from his home. I can tell you that this achievement was not easy, it came with pressures (More than any minister), and if we’ve not done this, it will pose a great danger to the state of Israel. Instead of this, we have brought American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and even the relocation of American embassy to Jerusalem in recognitions of Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan heights and the change in the policy about the legality in the settlement in Judea as well as Samaria.

We developed special relationships with Russia and not just Russia as a state, but we also nurtured a close tie with the president of Russia, and in so doing, we guaranteed the freedom of manoeuvring of Israel’s airforce in the sky in Syria in order to prevent the wrong retrenchment on our northern border, nd yes our systematic cultivation led to an unprecedented……

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Benjamin Netanyahu Final Speech as prime minister Of Israel

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