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At Chatham, Tinubu displayed creative empowerment, and Onoh responds with the PDP

The much-heralded delegation of Tinubu’s deputies to the Chatham House lecture in the United Kingdom, according to Dr. Josef Onoh, the South East spokesman for the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council, was a creative license given by Asiwaju to empower his team for the work that would come after the election.

At the same Chatham lecture, he recalled that Tinubu’s delegation of duty was a key element of leadership in getting work done through others meant to overcome most of his political obstacles and general life’s challenges. He added that Tinubu believes in empowering his team and giving them a creative license which also helps to organize for the remaining assignments prior to ca

In response to the criticism of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate’s outing at Chatham House by the Atiku Support Organization (ASO), Onoh stated that the opposition presidential candidates of the PDP and the Labour party’s reluctance in the delegation of duties was a belief in the proverb that states, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

He stated that the fear of failure in giving essential jobs to someone else was the main factor in why the other presidential candidates plainly under-delegated during their campaigns and media appearances.

“They believe that effective delegation requires more time than just performing the task themselves, and some even doubt their own capacity to select the best candidate for the job at hand. Asiwaju, on the other hand, saw the advantages of delegation and adopted it as his primary strategy to get around most of his political setbacks and other difficulties in life.

He retracted that Asiwaju’s genius was displayed in London, where he showed off his belief in delegating tasks and team spirit is driven to succeed and proved he was ready to take charge of Nigeria in 2023; he also demonstrated that his subordinates will be able to take on more projects than he can handle alone, adding that the opposition party presidential candidates avoid delegation out of fear of failure, and he questioned how they hope to move the nation for betterment.

The PDP and LP presidential candidates are juggling many agendas, according to Onoh. If it’s not the PDP G-5 concerns or returning to his country and home in Dubai, the other candidate is busy making inaccurate statements.

“They have demonstrated to the electorates and Nigerians that their team is primarily made up of characters who are afraid to take the initiative or who are hesitant to bring new ideas to the table, which is a clear departure from Tinubu’s brand of politics, in contrast to other presidential candidates who failed to delegate adequately during this campaign period. I can confidently say that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a presidential candidate and the incoming president of Nigeria, delegated tasks effectively. This has helped foster trust within and outside of our Presidential Campaign Council, and as a result, that trust is bolstered even more by Asiwaju’s continued openness to dialogue and listening.

“Our presidential candidate genuinely believed that the abilities and talents displayed by the numerous speakers he invited to Chatman House were utilized. Their engagement and delight led to their expression of joy over the magnificent evening dinner; the atmosphere spoke for itself, inspiring inventiveness and honing our team’s talents.

Awsju Bola The one and only city kid from Jagaban, Ahmed Tinubu, continues to be a leader who offers his team members the opportunity to do assigned duties in their own style. He believes in empowering his group and allowing them to use their imaginations. Asiwaju took the initiative on his own, which resulted in innovative ideas that have now benefited everyone involved, including me and our staff.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban, the one, and only city boy, is still a leader who gives his subordinates the freedom to complete assigned tasks in their own manner. He believes in empowering his team and giving them creative freedom. Asiwaju’s personal initiative has produced innovative breakthroughs that currently benefit everyone involved, including me. It has also assisted team members of our presidential campaign council in developing a number of very specific skills along the way and produced a productive work environment that has given Nigeria newfound hope.

The ability of Asiwaju to establish the kind of political and business culture and leadership style that has boosted our morale, improved productivity, and fostered enthusiasm, innovation, and cooperation – all of which are essential to the Renewed hope Nigeria project – may be the best explanation for why he delegated tasks to others. The excursion by Chatham House demonstrated that Asiwaju has a staff of highly skilled workers who are professionals at completing tasks correctly.

“Asiwaju’s delegation strategy is essential to Nigeria’s victory in 2023. He is a manager who understands that it is not a strategy to delegate undesirable jobs to others. Additionally, he is a leader who doesn’t micro-manage duties that have been delegated.He delegated well, provided communication and assistance, and simultaneously allowed for individuality and innovation.


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