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As “soldiers slaughter 16” Nigerians in Burkina Faso, Buhari responds

The Jam’iyyatu Ansaariddeen Attijjaniyya (JAMAA) of Nigeria claims that soldiers in Burkina Faso are responsible for the deaths of some of its members.

Sayyidi Yahaya, the group’s national secretary, stated during a news conference at the weekend in Abuja that 16 of its members had died while traveling to Senegal.

He claimed that members of the organisation frequently go to Ibrahim Niasse Al-native Kaulahee’s Senegal for conferences and Maulid festivities.

Convoys of vehicles from Nigeria used to cross international borders to get to Kaolack, Senegal, passing through nations like Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali, according to Yahaya.

He claimed that while on patrol, Burkinabe soldiers stopped a group of Nigerians traveling in buses and ordered them to get out of the cars.

“They were picked at random, without being questioned, and shot dead out of the blue in the most dreadful act of bestiality. There are currently 16 confirmed fatalities, while some vehicles and their passengers are still missing.

The group requested that the federal government and the UN look into the situation and see that justice is served.

As a result of the aforementioned, we feel compelled to urgently draw the attention of the Nigerian government, the United Nations, and sincere human rights organizations to this issue in order to ensure that the rights of the massacre victims are upheld and that the bloodthirsty perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice, Yahaya said.

President Muhammadu Buhari has denounced the murders of the pilgrims in the interim.

Buhari said the Nigerian embassy in Burkina Faso is working with the local authorities to ensure the offenders are brought to justice in a statement sent by presidential spokeswoman Garba Shehu.

President Muhammadu Buhari has learned the shocking news that several Nigerian Muslim pilgrims were killed while traveling to Kaolak, Senegal.

“The President expressed his condolences and prayed for the safety of other Nigerians stranded there. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Nigerian Embassy in Burkina Faso, is engaging with the Burkinabe authorities and awaits the outcome of their investigation of the unfortunate incident, and if necessary, to ensure that all culprits are appropriately sanctioned.

“The Nigerian Government will make every effort to secure the mortal remains of the deceased and the survivors of the attack.”

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