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According to Peter Obi, Nigeria is breeding poverty.

Mr. Peter Obi, a presidential candidate for the Labour Party ((LP), noted that poverty, hunger, and unemployment were endemic to Nigeria as a whole.
Speaking yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, as part of his presidential campaign, Obi claimed that the nation has seen numerous setbacks as a result of ineffective leadership.

He stated his goals as unifying the nation, reviving the educational system, and transforming Nigeria’s economy from one of consumption to one of production.
Obi claimed that Nigeria required a strong leadership that would ensure and coordinate the security of its people.

He made fun of the federal government, led by the All Progressives Congress (APC), for promising Nigerians a shift from the accomplishments of the previous administration and asserted that the government, if elected in 2023, will also ensure the stability of the health sector.

“Today, poverty is a growing problem in Nigeria. That is what they meant by “change”—a nation that breeds illness, unemployment, dropouts from school, and the highest rates of youth unemployment in the entire globe. We now reside in a nation that is quite unstable. Nigeria’s security and rescue are our jobs.

Developing a nation where the rule of law prevails, where education is given top priority, along with infrastructure and health sector growth, is our second task. Nigeria will transition from a consumption to a producing nation, Obi promised.

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